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General Dentistry
Dr. Keith Alan Kye
8936 Northpointe Executive Park, Suite 120
Huntersville, NC 28078

Dr. Kye has been listed in topDentists since 2008.

My wife and I went to Dr. Kye for over 8 years, and left after being lied to and deceived by him and his office staff. I needed work done and was given a price of $3,500 with insurance co-payment, which I put a down payment on. When I went to pay this off before having work done suddenly the price jumped to $4,500, when I questioned this I was told "I guess you misunderstood the amount." I misunderstood nothing, just one of the many ways Kye is deceptive. I had a crown fall off HE put on and was charged over $300 just to glue it back on. I would avoid Kye Dentistry because he is a liar and a very shallow and deceptive person. The thing I hate most is how he hides in his office and has to be asked to come do his work. Also, unless you are a Lark Norman Soccer Mom with 4 plus kids, they will keep you waiting in the office. The last three appointments I had I waited a minimum of 45 minutes each time PAST my appointment time because of improper scheduling. Lastly, when I went to a new dentist I had to end up getting three teeth pulled because Kye never saw or did not care about the decay under these teeth. All he was worried about is pushing bridges and crowns and making money. Kye is the worst dentist I have ever been to and I am warning people to avoid him at all cost!"
Patient review submitted on April 5, 2013 by FORMER Patient

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