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General Dentistry Dr. Eric C. Sung
UCLA School Of Dentistry (View map)
10833 Le Conte Avenue
Box 951668
Los Angeles, CA 90095-3075

Dr. Sung has been listed in topDentists since 2013.

Dr. Sung is not only an exceptional and outstanding professional dentist,but he also is a great teacher. Dr. Sung's fatherly loving care and support of his dental students is wonderful. Dr.Sung is positive,although has very high stndards,he never criticises his dental students, even if they make an error, he still encourages, boosting their confidence and praises them, then patiently shows and explains how and why it should be done slightly differently. Dr. Sung has high expectations of his dental students, which inspires, motivates and promotes them to strive and do their best and be proud of themselves. Dr.Sung eagerly helps them in every little way that he can think of and instills in them honesty, integrity and professionalism so they will be successful future dentists. Dr. Sung also has strong leadership skills,works tirelessly around the clock organizing, attending events, directing meeting, programs,conferences,oversees all daily activities etc. making sure everything is in tac"
Patient review submitted on March 14, 2014 by George Wittenberg

Dr.Sung helps patient understand their condition, answers their questions clearly and endeavors to do what is in the best interest of the patient's teeth. Dr.Sung gets totally involved,enthusiastic, excited working on a tooth to provide the most satisfying dental experience for all his patients. Dr.Sung is creative and artistic,considers fixing a tooth as a work of art. Dr.Sung transformed my tooth #7 from an old dark grey chipped tooth to a beautiful white one and placed an outstanding implant crown #30 that fits best and looks the most beautiful crown of all my other crowns. Dr.Sung ,is attentive and watches patients every move until they are out of his sight making sure that they are totally comfortable. Dr.Sung treats his dental students like his own children,is strict,firm,supportive, protective and prepares them in every little way that he can think of,for their future Private Practice. Dr.Sung is perfectionist and always strives to improve. Dr.Sung is an amazing dentist."
Patient review submitted on January 30, 2014 by George Wittenberg

Dr. Sung is passionately dedicated to highest standard of patient care, integrity, honesty, creative and artistic professionalism. Dr.Sung is gifted,skillful,experienced,prompt, composed,conscientious,considerate,gentle caring,confident,clear,in charge,orderly,digitally organized,workaholic,perfectionist,knows what he is doing and does it very well,has high expectation of himself and of others as well. His staff is efficient and professional as well. Dr. Sung is especially compassionate, understanding,gentle and attentive with special needs patients. Dr. Sung listens to the patients need carefully and always endeavors to do what is in the best interest of patients teeth. Dr. Sung prides himself on providing great experience for all his patients. Dr. Sung placed one of the most beautiful and best fitting implant crown for me that is better than any other of my many crowns. Dr. Sung is unique and the best dentist of all the many good dentists that I have had. I give Dr. Sung 5+ stars."
Patient review submitted on January 20, 2014 by George Wittenberg

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