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General Dentistry
Dr. Niels Oestervemb
Smiles of Virginia Family Dental Center (View map)
1220 Amherst Street
Winchester, VA 22601

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Dr. Oestervemb has been listed in topDentists since 2015.

I had to get dental implants and I have to tell you how pleased I am with the end result of my dental adventure. It was worth the time without teeth to have such natural looking smile today. I appreciate your attention to detail and obvious pride in your work. I am amazed at the result. My daughter was very impressed when she saw the work on the front teeth as well. I am sure that you receive such compliments often but I wanted to make sure that you knew how pleased I am with everything that was done to rescue my smile. Thanks again."
Patient review submitted on May 6, 2016 by Stanley G.

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