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General Dentistry Dr. Allen D. Samuelson
University of North Carolina School of Dentistry (View map)
Campus Box 7450
035 Brauer Hall
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7450

Dr. Samuelson has been listed in topDentists since 2012.

I can not say enough positive things to completely cover his skill in Dentistry. Incredibly, knowledgeable, very skilled, very caring and compassionate.. Yet, he is SO personable and down to earth!!! I can genuinely say, this is THE BEST dentist ,I have ever seen, and, I have had to have specialty care, so I have a good index base for comparison. I just can not recommend him enough!! His Staff is second to none, and Chris, will make you feel like a friend from day one, all total on a 1- 10 scale, I find Dr. Samuelson Practice to be about 15. Honestly, we have actually enjoyed, our trips from Hickory, to UNC, and admire the skills of this entire practice. I am Blessed by every opportunity, I have had in dealing with Dr.Samuelson, and his staff. I am an old Nurse, and have dealt with My share of Docs.. I promise you, a trip to this practice, will be like nothing, you have EVER experienced before in dealing with Dentist!!! COMPASSIONATE, SKILLED And Caring You'll never regret this trip!!"
Patient review submitted on December 4, 2014 by Robin crafton

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