Dr. Meghan Barroner

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Dr. Meghan Barroner
Elevated Oral & Implant Surgery
1131 Boyce Road, Suite A
Upper Saint Clair, PA 15241

Dr. Barroner has been listed in topDentists since 2017.

I cannot say enough about Dr Barroner and her staff. I have had two times I needed extractions and wanted to not be awake for them. She was able to help and it went so smoothly. I am at the point again and I am getting old, 83. I have some very difficult teeth to pull and I am again at a point of an emergency. I hope I can get an appointment because she is the best. Her staff is also so helpful. "
Patient review submitted on July 1, 2023 by Nancy Goodenow

From the moment you walk into the door you feel like you are part of the Oral Care Family. Rose at the desk is the best and makes sure the whole process is a flawless one. Dr. Barroner's assistants are there to keep you calm throughout the whole experience and are there to answer as many questions you may have. I went in so nervous about my tooth extraction and future implant that I was sweating prior to the procedure. After Dr. Barroner came in showed me my x-rays and explained the many options and best practice to continue with I was not worried at all. I honestly can't wait to go back and get my implant because you are felt and treated like family. Dr. Barroner and her family and staff are the best in the business and you will get the best treatment for your dental health."
Patient review submitted on March 8, 2019 by Andrew W

Dr. Barroner and the staff at Elevated Oral & Implant Surgery are friendly and very helpful. At my initial consultation I received all the information I needed and Dr. Barroner answered all my questions, leaving me feeling confident about my upcoming surgery. The day of my surgery, the staff made me feel comfortable and the procedure was excellently done. My after surgery care was explained thoroughly and all my questions were answered, even though I had to communicate with hand gestures! After having dealt with less than satisfactory offices and doctors in the past, I really appreciate the superior service that Elevated Oral & Implant Surgery provides. I highly recommend them. "
Patient review submitted on November 17, 2017 by Lydia S

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