Dr. Stephen L. Johnson

General Dentistry
Dr. Stephen L. Johnson
2249 Broadway, Suite 5
Grand Junction, CO 81507

Dr. Johnson has been listed in topDentists since 2008.

I have been a patient of Dr Johnson for many years, he is the best and I fully trust him and his staff."
Patient review submitted on October 10, 2013 by Edith McMillin

Dr. Johnson is awesome, I am grateful to have found him finally, as I've gone through a couple bad dentists, and he was able to fix the problems they created with my teeth, including two food traps. He is really nice and has all of the new technology while still knowing how to do things without it. I recommend him to all of my friends!"
Patient review submitted on October 17, 2012

Dr. Johnson is amazing. I found him out of desperation 10 years ago when my wisdom tooth decided to come in 1 week before a vacation and he was the only one who could fit me in. He was awesome. No pain meds needed and he turned my hubby from a dentist hater, to a dentist lover."
Patient review submitted on October 11, 2012 by Val S

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